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DEBWE powwow is Saturday in DL

Don’t miss the community gathering and powwow on Saturday at the Detroit Lakes Armory.

The DEBWE powwow, which is always set for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, will start at 11 a.m. at the National Guard Armory with a pipe ceremony. The grand entry will be at noon. Several drum groups will attend.

“It’s not like a regular powwow, there’s no payout to dancers,” said one of the organizers, Rob Fairbanks. “But if you want to come and dance, you’re welcome.”

There will be fun dances like the potato dance, in which partners must keep a potato balanced between their foreheads, the snake dance, which involves a conga line, and the dreaded (by men, anyway) “switch dance,”  in which male and female dancers must switch regalia for a dance.

There will be a hand drum contest and a feast, with venison, wild rice, salads and turkey sandwiches.

Craft booths will be set up for kids, and there will be a lot of venders from out of the area, selling soaps, beadwork, artwork, novelty items and some unique native crafts.

Volunteers to help serve food to elders and veterans are always welcome.