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VIDEO: Are you ready for all the snow?

Gloria Foster, Detroit Lakes: “Yes! It’s really nice; we should have had a lot more snow by now! It’s nice and warm out.”

Dick LeCleir, Detroit Lakes: “I just got my snow tires on this morning. We have six horses; my wife is taking care of them. She’s got all the hay ready for them; we’re ready to go.”

Doug Sattler, Detroit Lakes: “Yes, I blew snow this morning, got more gas for my snow blower, so yeah, I’m ready. I don’t mind this as long as it’s fairly warm and the wind isn’t here. But the weather we’re going to get where it’s cold and windy, I don’t care for.”

Diana Delgado, Detroit Lakes: “Yeah, I’m ready… I shovel myself; my son and I did it yesterday, but I’m from Texas, and I don’t like the cold weather.”