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City, DNR to host trail meeting Jan. 23

Connecting the pieces of trails throughout Detroit Lakes is a priority for the city, and Jan. 23, there will be a meeting regarding the latest connection.

The city of Detroit Lakes and the Department of Natural Resources are working on plans for the multi-use Heartland Trail extension. The portion that will be the focus of the Jan. 23 meeting is from the new box culvert under Highway 10 east of the city to McKinley Avenue.

The trail will be located on the south side of Highway 10, along the existing frontage road.

The funds for the project come from state bonding money left over from the culvert project. The city council has also agreed to use Food and Beverage Tax money to extend the trail to connect with the Essentia Health St. Mary’s trail system also.

“The biggest thing will be the layout for it,” Public Works Supervisor Brad Green said of what will be presented at the public meeting. “We have all the right-of-way already; we’ve had the trail sections laid out for a long time.”

The multi-use trail was always intended for the frontage road, but the city didn’t have the money to complete the trail when the Highway 10 realignment project took place. The easement has been in place since then though.

“The meeting is to talk about how we’re crossing driveways and stuff like that,” he said. “People do now, but it will be more distinct, which will make it easier and safer.”

The section will connect to the Roosevelt Avenue underpass, which will connect people to Richwood Road and Tower Road.

“We’re finally getting some real nice off-road connections,” he said.

More connections will be made in the future, but this meeting will concentrate on the roughly mile-long section from the underpass area to McKinley Avenue.

“It’s for information and to gather information if there’s something we’re not aware of for the upcoming project,” Green said.

The public information meeting is Thursday, Jan. 23, at 5:30 pm. in the Detroit Lakes City Hall. A brief presentation will be made at 5:45, and project representatives will be available to answer questions and take input on the project.

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