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Extreme Spiritual Makeover is coming to Detroit Lakes Feb.22

Mother-daughter duo Julie and Katie Black will present their ‘Spiritual Makeover’ Feb. 22 in Detroit Lakes. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Ever feel happy but not necessarily fulfilled? And you’re just living with those feelings though you know there’s more out there? Losing a passion for what’s going on in your life?

Motivational mother-daughter duo Katie Black and Julie Black are coming to First Lutheran Church in Detroit Lakes on Feb. 22 to talk about their experiences with losing passion — and how to find it again.

“I know there is a need, a hunger for this,” First Lutheran Church’s Joy Peterson said of the Extreme Spiritual Makeover.

Peterson saw Katie and Julie Black at a conference last year and “the message was so compelling” that she said she “knew God just wanted to bring them to Detroit Lakes. If we didn’t, it would be our loss.”

The Extreme Spiritual Makeover is open to all women.

“About three years ago, I went through my own spiritual transformation,” Katie said who was living in Texas at the time.

Nothing tragic had happened in her life, she said she just looked at “how I was living my life” and felt she needed a change.

So she turned to the Bible and discovered she saw it in “fresh new ways.” She began to change her attitude toward others, see that God is there as a partner not just a comforter, and people began to see the changes in her.

Then a year and a half ago, she said she felt the calling to share this transformation with other women.

Across the United States in Maryland, Katie’s mother, Julie, was going through some life changes of her own. She had been caring for her elderly parents, and after they both had passed away, she felt there was something urgent God was leading her to do.

“What am I going to do with my life,” she said she asked God.

She made some transformations in her own life and felt the need to share those with the women of her church. 

The mother and daughter started talking about their lives and changes that had happened, and they both wanted to share what had happened to them and show women that it can happen for them as well. But Katie envisioned a much broader scale than just the women of her mother’s church.

She said she envisioned getting up in front of a room full of women to share their story and passion. She thought of retreats, social media, website, etc.

“You’re never exactly sure where you’re going,” Julie said. “God can’t direct you until you start taking steps.”

Katie said that every time they took a step, God opened another opportunity for them. So, she quit her teaching job in Texas and moved to her parents’ home in Maryland.

“Women are aware of what God promises us,” she said.

In sharing their story and how women can get out of that rut and find new passion in life, Katie said there are three ways women limit their blessing from God: misconception about abundance, lack of faith and their own self-belief.

Throughout the day-long seminar, the mother daughter duo will host activities and discussions, helping those in attendance to open up — to share with each other and to possibilities for themselves.

At the end of their seminars, the Blacks ask for feedback and testimonials.

“They blew us away,” Julie said.

“It reconfirmed this is what we should be doing,” Katie added.

The extreme spiritual makeover is for women of all ages: The women in the household, the middle-aged women with their kids graduating and leaving them with an empty nest, and older women who have done everything and are wondering, now what?

“They’re at point A and need help to get to point B,” Julie said.

Many times women start to consume their lives with kids, husband, job and God is at the bottom of the list, Katie said.

“We help people find the little joys in everything,” she added.

The Women’s Extreme Spiritual Makeover is Feb. 22 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 pm. in First Lutheran Church, Detroit Lakes.

Cost is $10, and anyone can register by calling the church at 847-5656. Pre-registration is helpful by Feb. 17 to determine lunch needs, but it is not mandatory. Free childcare is available that day.

For more information on Julie and Katie Black and their Contemporary Christian Women’s Academy, check out the website

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