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County seeks recycling info

Becker County Environmental Services is asking businesses in Bec-ker County for help in gathering recycling data that must be sent to the State of Minnesota each year.

The annual report by the Select Committee on Recycling and the Environment (SCORE) requires Minnesota counties to provide tonnages for many types of items including appliances, used oil and filters, waste tires, paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and many more commodities.

Businesses throughout Becker County have been mailed forms to report recycling volumes for 2013, and businesses are asked to return completed forms by Feb. 28.

The information provided will also assist the County in our planning process regarding infrastructure and a comprehensive solid waste management program in Becker County in 2014 and beyond.

Data provided by County businesses is released as an aggregate number and individual surveys will not be available to the State or the public.

If you have any questions, please call Becker County Environmental Services at 218-846-7310.