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Water lines are freezing up in Detroit Lakes -- residents urged to check water temps, let faucets run

The Detroit Lakes Water Utility is advising all residents check their water temperature in an indoor faucet and let their water run due to a deeper-than-normal frost line.  Detroit Lakes has had 20-plus service lines freeze up in the past week and the problem is not going away any time soon.

Residents are encouraged to test their cold water temperature by letting the water run until it is cold, then check the temperature while the water is running. If it drops to 40 degrees F. or below, there may be an impending freeze, and the frost may be getting close to the service line.  Leave your water run about the size of a pencil. 

This weekend’s predicted warm-up will only make the problem worse as it pushes the frost deeper. The frost line can be driven deeper as the snow blanket, with its insulating qualities, shrinks. And changes in air temperature can take a long time to equate to a change in temperature deep underground.

The Detroit Lakes Utilities policy on service line freeze-ups states:  When a water service lateral freezes, it is the sole responsibility of the property owner to thaw the service lateral from the house or building to the water main (street). Any cost resulting from the thawing of these frozen water lines will be paid by the owner.