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Roosevelt School Wave Party

Roosevelt Elementary Student Logan Hilde kicked off the ceremony, delivering the Olympic torch. The students celebrated the Olympics, a McDonald’s grant, Jump Rope for Heart and more on Wednesday afternoon. Summer Branstad retired the torch out at the end of the assembly. DL NEWSPAPERS/Brian Basham1 / 3
Last fall, Roosevelt teachers applied for a grant through the McDonald’s Balanced Active Lifestyle Grant Program. On Wednesday, McDonald’s Nancy Hill, left, presented the $500 grant and a plaque to physical education teachers Kris Nelson and Robb Flynn. “We used this money to buy a jump rope for all children in our school grades K-4. This is one small step in developing an active life style. We asked them to start by jumping 5 minutes a day and increase from there,” Nelson said.2 / 3
Wayne Geary, youth market director with the American Heart Association, participated in the activities as well. He presented medals and trophies to the students who raised the most during the Jump Rope for Heart event. Winners included Zane Weaver with $400, front left, and Jefferey Moen with $210. The school as a whole raised $5,000, up from $3,300 last year. PE teacher Kris Nelson was on hand for the awards as well. 3 / 3