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Apt. buildings helping fill gap

Scott Busker’s 49-unit apartment building, located near the intersection of Washington Avenue and Highway 34 on the north side of Detroit Lakes, will be open to renters this summer. DL NEWSPAPERS/Brian Basham

After Detroit Lakes’ housing study came back and said there was a need for apartments in the city, it seems builders are responding.

One building can be seen on North Washington Avenue at the crossing near Highway 34, and the Detroit Lakes City Council will soon approve another apartment building near Pelican River.

Developer Scott Busker’s 49-unit apartment building on Washington Avenue will be ready for tenants this summer.

The planning commission and the community development committee both approved the 33 unit apartment building at 304 Pelican River Road, which is north of Highway 34 and east of M State. The city council will vote on the matter on Tuesday at the regular meeting.

The first phase in the Stonebrook Apartments development is “within 300 feet of the river so it’s in the shoreland district,” Community Development Director Larry Remmen said.

He said Thursday that if the building was turned it wouldn’t be in the shoreland district, but because of the layout of the land and the parking lot, it’s more suitable to have it situated as proposed.

Developers Jim Buus and Brent Kuehne, who are behind Stonebrook Apartments LLP, will be required to have rain gardens and a pond to satisfy stormwater runoff. They will also have to meet Pelican River Watershed District and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency permit guidelines.

Remmen said neighbors attended the planning commission meeting and “the concern they raised was traffic.” They asked the city to look into more stop signs in the neighborhood since there will be an increased volume of traffic.

He said the plan is to start construction on the apartment building — which will have 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units — this spring and have it ready for rental this fall.

The Busker apartment building will be completed in June or July, he said.

Both of the apartment projects will be rented at market rate, meaning no low-income requirements.

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