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Chamber to offer resources at Sports & Events Roundtable

There’s a big difference between a quiet weekend in February and a hockey tournament weekend that brings 14 teams to town.

Hotels need to prepare to be full. Restaurants need to be fully staffed. Businesses need to have the shelves stocked and ready for shoppers. Organizations may need volunteers lined up to meet the masses.

It’s situations like this that the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Bureau of Detroit Lakes are working to help those in and around Detroit Lakes pull off successfully.

“The idea came out of tourism,” Chamber President Carrie Johnston said. “Like with a sporting event, especially lodging but tourism in general.”

The two entities are hosting a Sports & Events Roundtable on April 9 to show organizations and businesses what kind of a resource they can be when droves of people head into town.

The roundtable begins at 10 a.m. in the Holmes Theatre lower level conference room.

Learn from the Chamber, Tourism Bureau, City of DL and fellow organizations how everyone can work together to continue to grow the active events at the lakes.

Agenda items will include lodging options, meeting spaces, attendee activities, permits and fees, welcome information-resource materials, and calendars and marketing.

For now this is a one-time event, but “we’ll see what springs out of the conversation,” Johnston said.

The roundtable is open to anyone. Please RSVP to 218-847-9202.

If you are unable to send a representative to the meeting, contact the chamber with your updated organization information, email and mailing address so it can keep you up to date.

“Events have a positive impact on our economy, showcase our assets and benefit many organizations in our region,” Johnston said.

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