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Time to turn off the water

Those Detroit Lakes residents who have been running water to keep their pipes and service lines from freezing this winter can now shut off the water.

Residents are being asked to check the temperature of their water, and if it is at least 40 degrees, faucets can be turned off. As of Monday, the city will no longer give water credit for extra usage.

In one of the worst winters on record for frozen pipes, the city asked residents to run their water for the last couple months — only charging homeowners for the average volume of water they used last year and not the extra this year. That ends in five days.

“We’re asking people to start ramping down their water on Thursday and Friday,” Public Utilities General Manager Vernell Roberts said.

He said if water temps are still below 40 degrees, “they need to start watching it every day and say it’s 37 degrees today and 38 degrees Thursday and Saturday is 39 degrees, then they know they can turn their water off because it’s going the right direction.”

And then starting Monday, the city will go back to full billing on water being used.

“We’ve been watching the frost thaw reports and we’ve seen some significant gains,” he said.

Last week was a little bit of a setback with low temperatures, he added, but from here on out, fingers crossed, the temps should keep climbing, drawing that frost out of the ground. A little bit of rain in the forecast would help as well.

Roberts said that as pipes that were frozen are opening up, homeowners need to call the city and let them know so the temporaries that were put in place can be removed.

“We had a couple open up this week and a couple a few weeks ago, so we know we’re having some significant gains,” he said. “We’ll try to get life back to normal as much as we can for everybody.”

Anyone with questions regarding the water can call the city office at 847-7609.

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