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Preschool plays life-size Candyland

Photo by Pippi Mayfield/DL NEWSPAPERS1 / 3
Kids had to roll the dice and move through the Gumdrop Pass, Chocolate Mountain, Princess Frostine, Peppermint Forest, King Kandy’s Kastle and Lollipop Land. At the final square of the game, the kids also got a sweet treat - gingerbread men cookies or a sucker. DL NEWSPAPERS/Pippi Mayfield2 / 3
Preschool teacher Nelaina Daggett helps her students through the life-size Candyland game she created for her classes as a reward for completing their math unit. DL NEWSPAPERS/Pippi Mayfield3 / 3

Students in Nelaina Daggett’s preschool and pre-Kindergarten at Community Alliance Church Preschool were treated to a life-size game of Candyland this week.

After completing their unit on math, Daggett wanted to show kids that not only can math be fun, but they can also show their parents what they’ve learned.

The kids had multiple games to play with their parents in the classroom, but the Candyland game was a sweet surprise.

“The fun thing is they know how to play the games and can teach their guests,” Daggett said.  She said one preschool mom was instrumental in helping her create the game, and then a committee of moms helped set up it up.