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Area schools celebrate Day of Caring

That’s a lot of leaves: Detroit Lakes High School students spent Day of Caring raking bags and bags worth of leaves for yards throughout town. SUBMITTED PHOTO1 / 5
Each year students from all the surrounding school districts partake in Day of Caring, helping those in need clean their yards, paint houses, rake leaves and simply make neighborhoods shine a little brighter. SUBMITTED PHOTO2 / 5
Plenty of leaves: Frazee-Vergas High School students spent hours raking leaves during Day of Caring. SUBMITTED PHOTO3 / 5
In a week filled with rain, the clouds parted for one day, and students were able to clean up yards for elderly or disabled neighbors who normally wouldn’t be able to themselves. SUBMITTED PHOTO4 / 5
El Jacobs said she had quite a crew of Lake Park-Audubon High School students working at her house for Day of Caring. “This crew arrived at our home at 9 a.m. with rakes and a lot of energy. In an hour and a half they had raked our garden, around our house, cleaned the flower beds and carried out the deck furniture for us,” Jacobs said. SUBMITTED PHOTO5 / 5