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Todd Glander runs for sheriff armed with 26 years of experience; deep roots in Detroit Lakes

Todd Glander

Todd Glander is no stranger to these parts.

“I was born and raised here … been here my whole life,” said Glander, who many people have come to know as Sgt. Glander.

The Becker County Sheriff’s sergeant, who has 26 years of law enforcement under his belt, is now running for sheriff of the county he has always called home.

A million little steps around Becker Coun-ty has led Glander to where he is today, but there’s one more, big step he’s determined to make.

Deep roots

Todd Glander got a good taste of Detroit Lakes leadership at a young age.

Along with being the school’s very first homecoming king ever in Detroit Lakes, the 1984 graduate was also very active in sports. He was in football, wrestling and the tri-captain of the track team.

The son of Duane and Ann Glander of Detroit Lakes, Todd is the oldest of three sons (including one, Chad, who is also a police officer for the city of Detroit Lakes).

Glander seemed to be born in a place that fit him to a ‘T.’

“You can drive five minutes and you’re at some of the best fishing in Minnesota,” said Glander, who also loves hunting and would describe himself as “an outdoors person.”

But it’s not just the geography of this county Glander has come to love.

“I think that the people who make this their home are some of the best people you can find,” he said.

So as Glander explored his career options as a young man, he found himself going toward a field that had always interested him —criminal justice.

In 1988, he started as a corrections officer in the Becker County Jail.

A few ride-alongs with veteran officers on the streets, and it didn’t take him long before he knew this was his calling.

While working full time in corrections, Glander earned his two-year, associate of applied science degree in criminal justice, while also volunteering as a sheriff’s auxiliary officer.

In 1993, he was hired as a police officer at the Detroit Lakes Police Department, where he worked for over 13 years — a couple of those years were even with his brother, Chad.

“In 2006 when I was hired as a full time deputy, Chad made sergeant over at the police station right before I did, so people got us confused a lot,” he laughed.

Glander, who is now a patrol sergeant at the sheriff’s department, says he has learned a lot from different leadership over the years and has been tapped to head up several law enforcement programs.

He’s been the school resource officer with Detroit Lakes Public Schools, as well as served as the firearms instructor and field training officer for both the sheriff’s office and police department.

He is also certified in the neighborhood watch program and is the Sheriff Office’s public information officer.

As every year of Glander’s 26 years serving his community has ticked by, he has been on the front lines of some tragedies that could shake even the strongest of men.

“We go to a lot of serious calls, whether it be a death scene or a car crash, and you just have to learn how to work through it and come back the next day and continue,” he said, thoughtfully.

But according to Glander, the rewards have been much more.

“I’ve had people come up to me and say, ‘hey, remember when you talked to me when I was having a hard time and helped me out?’ — that’s the most rewarding, is when you hear that you’ve changed somebody’s life and helped them through a hard time,” said Glander.

Looking to tomorrow

Now, as change and turnover at the Becker County Sheriff’s Office has produced eight new, young deputies, Glander is hoping he’ll be the one to lead them.

“A lot of the guys are under 30 and they’re eager to get out and get things done,” said Glander, “and I like leading by example. This office demands the highest level of integrity, honesty and professionalism, and I will not only demand that from myself, but from my officers.”

With support from his family, including wife, Tasha and son, Tyler, Glander is determined to take his years of experience and knowledge out to the people of Becker County.

Between now and Nov. 4, he plans on having some meet and greets for people who may not yet know this hometown guy.

Campaigning may not be the most comfortable aspect of “applying” for the sheriff’s position, as Glander doesn’t necessarily like to “talk himself up,” but he is looking forward to meeting more community members and asking them what they would like to see done in the future.

He says he’d like to see residents become more comfortable with calling the Sheriff’s Office with information or questions, calling them the department’s “eyes and ears.”

“I have a vested interest in our community,” said Glander.

“Being born and raised here, going to school here, I’m concerned about what hap-pens in our county. I want people to feel safe raising their families here — when I grew up, I felt safe here, and I want others to feel the same way I did.”

Supporters have set up a Facebook page for Glander, called “Elect Todd Glander for Becker County Sheriff,” and a website is set to be launched soon at

He can be reached for questions or comments at or by mail at PO Box 293 Detroit Lakes, MN 56502.