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Boys, Girls Club kids holding bleach drive for humane society

SUBMITTED PHOTO CHRISTIAN MOEN VISITS WITH THE CATS at the Humane Society of the Lakes. Moen and other kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes are holding a bleach drive for the human society. They will be collecting bleach and selling hot dogs to raise funds for the fellow non-profit.

After going to the Humane Society of the Lakes on a field trip, the youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes decided to get involved and help, one non-profit to another.

“We’re doing a bleach drive for the humane society,” Tanner Engen said, adding that it’s something fun the kids can do to help out the pets in need.

During the field trip to the humane society, the kids learned that the shelter goes through six to eight jugs of bleach a week on a regular basis, and up to 13-16 jugs with sick animals.

So the kids decided to specifically raise funds for bleach and get the public interested in helping out as well. They are calling it Operation Bleach It.

“We went to the thrift store and asked for a discount,” Emily Moran said, talking about the Boys and Girls Club Thrift Store and More.

The thrift store agreed to offer bleach at a discount to customers willing to purchase bleach and donate it to the humane society. So the kids set up a drop-off site there and got started on their next project — a hot dog stand.

To raise funds for the humane society as well, the youth will be running a hot dog stand outside the thrift store every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. They will have hot dogs, pop and chips for $2.

The day of the hot dog stand is this week, and they will be open every Friday until Aug. 15, except for Aug. 8. The Boys and Girls Club is closed that day and there won’t have leaders or teens present to work the stand.

Funds raised at the hot dog stand will go to the humane society to be used at their discretion.

“Because they also need cat food and dog food,” Phoenix McDougall said.

Many of the youth at the Boys and Girls Club have pets of their own, with several coming from the humane society, which made them eager to help the organization even more.

“We care for the animals there,” Engen said.

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