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Becker County to apply for master trail plan assistance

A trail here, a trail there. A mile here, two miles there.

Detroit Lakes and the surrounding area are a mish mash of trail sections that the county is trying to link together.

There’s Dunton Locks trail, trails at the soon-to-be-open Detroit Mountain, trails at Mountain View Park, the future Heartland Trail and the sections  already running through the city. All great sections, but just that – sections.

Tuesday morning, Becker County Economic Development Coordinator Guy Fischer asked the county board to support applying for assistance in developing a master trails plan. The assistance would come through the National Park Service’s Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance Program.

Fischer said he’d like to take half a step back and incorporate all these trails.

The National Park Service’s program can help identify and analyze issues and opportunities, engage partners, provide mapping and identify funding sources.

There is no cost for applying for the trail planning assistance.

The National Park Service has assisted on many other projects including Brainerd-Baxter Mississippi Riverfront, Headwaters of the Mississippi River Water Trail, Luverne Loop Trail and more.

Commissioners unanimously agreed to apply for the assistance.

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