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Healthy eats: Kale event is Saturday

The push for healthier lifestyles has been on the fast track to reality in the Detroit Lakes area over the past few years, and this weekend there will be one more ingredient thrown into that recipe for success.

It’s called ‘Passport to Kale,’ an event that will play out Saturday beginning at the Lakes Area Farmers Market at Peoples Park in Detroit Lakes.

“Our goal is to inform people on different vegetables, their nutritional value, how to grow them and prepare them,” said Lynette Price, who is involved with PartnerSHIP for Health, the statewide program designed to create healthy initiatives in Minnesota communities.

Price is also a past president of the Lakes Area Farmer’s Market, which is working with other local businesses to put on this kale-conscious event.

“It’s going to be an annual thing, and this is the first year Detroit Lakes has done it,” said Price, who says a different vegetable will be “picked” every year to be featured.

“The reason we picked kale for our first year is because it had been done last year in another community, so we had something to go by,” said Price.

Passport to Kale begins with a demonstration at 11 a.m. at the Lakes Area Farmers Market (which goes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) where Ecumen Dietician Wendy Gordon will be teaching the aspects of kale.

“She’ll pass out samples on things she’s making, talk about nutritional value, and when people leave they get a passport to check off that they attended the farmers market,” said Price, who says from there, participants can go to Central Market and LaBarista, where there will be more samples of different kale recipes.

“It’s important that people know how to cook kale and use them in these different dishes because otherwise it’s the kind of thing that won’t taste very good,” said Lynette, who says the vegetable that has been named a “superfood” can be delicious if used right.

Once Passport to Kale participants have made their rounds to all three places, they can leave their stamped passport at the last place they are at. There will then be a drawing from those passports for a $25 gift certificate to the Lakes Area Farmers Market.

Central Market and LaBarista will be providing those kale samples from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Passport to Kale isn’t just about the leafy green though; it’s about all of the baby steps that eventually turn into bigger strides towards creating an attitude of healthy living for families throughout the community.

“It is a community pulling together saying healthy eating is important,” said Price, who says Essentia Health put together packets of kale seeds and growing instructions and distributed them throughout the area.

Those seeds were distributed at area businesses, the library and the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce throughout the spring and beginning of summer.

“That’s the bonus,” said Price, “to see the diverse areas coming together and putting their piece into it and making it work. It shows we have a lot of entities in this community that care about the people here and want to help them be healthy.”