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Detroit Lakes may provide more time for 'crescent' bids

Detroit Lakes Development Authority members are preparing to find developers for the redevelopment crescent area downtown.

After looking through the multiple-paged request for proposals (RFP), the authority members said they needed some new language for possible phasing and to postpone the open date many months.

The original deadline date on the RFP was March 5, but DLDA member Bruce Imholte suggested that date should be moved to July or August so that more developers have the opportunity to submit proposals.

Goldmark-Schlossman has already approached the DLDA, expressing interest in developing the project. The company has also worked on several high-profile business developments like West Acres shopping center in Fargo.

Imholte said if the authority simply wanted to go with one group, the early deadline is fine, but to get some possible competition and more proposals, the ending date should be pushed to July or August.

Possible development phases on the project will also be added to the call for proposals because of the uncertainty of the property south of Holmes Street, near the old Hardees spot.

"Are we putting the cart before the horse is my point," DLDA member Mark Hagen asked.

Community Development Director Larry Remmen agreed that the timing of the state turning the land back to the city and the city cleaning it up are issues at this point, so phasing might be a good idea if needed.

DLDA member Dennis Winskowski made a motion to set the end date for July 31, and said while it was fine in his opinion to phase the project, it should all be done under one developer because multiple developers could potentially all have different designs for the area.

He went on to say that it's great to have one developer interested in the project, and that it would be good if other developers submitted proposals, but that if the project is put off for too long, that one developer might not be interested by then either.

The issue was pushed to the next scheduled DLDA meeting, Feb. 3, to get the phasing language included and to change the RFP date. It will be voted on at that meeting.