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Area school Spelling Bee winners named

Roosevelt's Spelling Bee winner this year is Cheyann Vareberg, 5th grade, Mrs. Pavelko's class. Parents are Lynn and Jerome Hendricks.1 / 4
At the Detroit Lakes Middle School, first place went to Katie Anderson, right, (8th grader, daughter of Maureen & Darrell Anderson). Taylor Anderson, center, (8th grader, daughter of Rhys Anderson & Sheila Welle) was second and Callie Johnson, left, (8th grader, daughter of Rich Johnson & Jodi Thompson) took third place. Amber Davidson (daughter of Jim and Pam Davidson, eighth grader) will be the alternate in case one of the top three spellers cannot attend the District Spelling Bee.2 / 4
The Division III Spelling Bee winner at Rossman Elementary is Tatum Doppler (grade 5), daughter of Steven and Missy Doppler.3 / 4
Tyler Dahlgren, grade 6, is the Lake Park-Audubon Elementary spelling Bee winner. He is in Mary Softing's class, and is the son of Brian and Susan Dahlgren.4 / 4