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New Web site launched for DL-Online

Detroit Lakes Newspapers launched a redesigned Web site on Tuesday morning.

The address,, will stay the same.

Visitors to the new site will still have to log in as they have in the past, but e-mail addresses and passwords should continue to work.

If users have forgotten their passwords, just click "Login," enter your e-mail address in the "lost your password" box and click on "reset my password." A new temporary password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address.

If users are having problems logging in, please call Detroit Lakes Newspapers at 847-3151.

It's recommended that users have Internet Explorer 6 or 7 on their Windows PCs, or Mozilla Firefox 3. Mac users should use Safari 3 or Mozilla Firefox 3.

The new Web site is designed to make it easier to navigate. More stories and bigger photos will be featured on the home page and each section is divided into sub-sections. Users will notice that links to articles and sections on the old Web site will not work when the switch is made.

Users will notice a sub-menu appear when they point their mouse over each tab on Web site. The sub-menu will change for each category. Stories may appear in several categories and that is, by design, to let as many people find our articles as possible.

We will still feature the same amount of local content on our Web site as we always have, but will also provide regional news from other Forum Communications Co. newspapers. This change has been underway for several months on the previous Web site, but our daily updates are more prominent now and that may give the impression that we are taking away local content. Instead, we our featuring local content throughout the week, but the majority of our users like getting their regional news from one source.

Detroit Lakes Newspapers wants to be that source.

Another feature built into the site is the use of "tags," which are key words that help with searching.

A search on the new Web site is based on tags and tags will also be visible on the bottom of each article. By clicking on those tags, users will be able to access any other story with that same tag.