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Changes at the ClubHouse

New ClubHouse Hotel General Manager Lois Greenig (seated second from right) and Assistant Manager Brenda Lawrence (left of Greenig) say that teamwork will be a main focus of their management style.

The ClubHouse Hotel in Detroit Lakes has gone through a lot of changes in the past several months.

For starters, Paul and Cathy Cronen bought the former Holiday Inn back in July 2008.

And now the hotel has a new management team in place with Lois Greenig named as the new general manager and Brenda Lawrence taking over as assistant manager.

Despite the change, the staff won't have to get used to a new face. Greenig has been with the hotel for 30 years, and Lawrence has been working at the hotel for 18 years.

Greenig started in accounting, then to office manager, room's director and moved on to acting general manager before taking on the role on a permanent basis.

"Naturally, right now the economy has an effect on everything," Greenig said. "As far as the transition, what we have here are so many long-term employees."

With the change to new ownership, Greenig said that 98 percent of the employees were kept on.

Keeping the long-term employee's on was important to the Cronens, Greenig said.

"One of the reasons they chose to purchase here was because we had so many long-term employees," Greenig said. "It was my understanding that it was part of the agreement that they would not be getting rid of any of our long-term employees.

"It's pretty much the same place because we have all of the same employees."

Greenig said that the new owners and others in management have their own way of doing things, but the core of how the hotel operates won't change.

"Management styles might change a little bit, but the facility is pretty much the same since it opened in 1976," Greenig said.

The general manager's job is a busy one at the ClubHouse. The hotel will be remodeling its rooms and swimming pool by the beginning of the summer season.

"We're going through a total renovation, which is great," Greenig said. "We're hoping by summer that we'll have everything totally done and completed."

She added that the hotel's look would be new.

"There are a lot of exciting changes going on," Greenig said. "We're ready to meet those changes."

Lawrence is taking the additional responsibilities in stride. She admits she doesn't know everything about managing an entire hotel, but she knows that employees are behind her.

"We'll move forward as a team," Lawrence said. "We've worked as a team for a very long time. I'm sure it will be a smooth transition."

The management philosophy that Greenig wants is one of teamwork. She said that one person isn't in the limelight and it takes hard work from everyone to make sure the hotel runs smoothly.

"I'm definitely a team member," Greenig said. "I feel that a lot of the stuff that goes on, I have to include a lot of the management team to make decisions."

Greenig said that she wants the ClubHouse Hotel to cater to locals, because that local support is needed.

The Ice House Bar & Grill is staying the same, which is important because the restaurant has been a part of the hotel for a long time.

One aspect that Greenig has liked about working at the hotel is that a lot of workers who started on the bottom of the ladder in hourly jobs have worked their way up to management positions.

"It's nice to see us evolve from there and coming back," Greenig said.