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A calm, sunny Fourth in DL

A big crowd turned out for the fireworks Saturday evening1 / 2
The beach in Detroit Lakes saw steady traffic throughout the weekend.2 / 2

Though you might not know it by looking at the long police report, the Independence Day weekend in Detroit Lakes was actually a little quieter than usual.

The band Night Storm of Menomonie, Wis., canceled its show on Friday evening at the Pavilion because there weren't enough people there.

Those who showed up Friday were given armbands for free admittance to Saturday's dance, said band spokesman Mike Checkalski.

Saturday's event went well and the band will likely be back next year, he added.

The Detroit Lakes city parks staff kept busy over the holiday weekend, said public works director Brad Green.

"It was busy -- everything was full ... the atmosphere was a little quieter," he said.

Park picnic shelters were full and city staff handed out garbage bags. "People were pretty respectful of that," Green said. "They fill up the garbage bags and leave them there -- we go get them."

The city is looking into enhancing its recycling efforts for next year's event, he said. This year, the recycling was limited to indoors at the Pavilion.

The swimming areas on the city beach -- marked off with buoys -- were weed-free. "We gave them (the Pelican River Watershed District) permission to cut just within the swimming areas," he said.

Green said he heard no reports of swimmer's itch at the beach. The city treated the area for swimmer's itch earlier in the week with copper sulfate, which is "very effective on snails and parasites" that cause the itch, he said.

"If it rears its ugly head, we'll apply (copper sulfate) again," he added. "We have a season-long permit."

The beach was kept in top condition over the weekend through cleanup work by jail crews and grooming via a drag attached to an ATV.

"I thought it (the weekend) was real successful," Green said. "The crowd was good (sized), but respectful. With the weather so nice, it really helps, too. I thought it went real well."