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Best Christmas memories forever saved on 8mm film

My most memorable Christmas was in the early '60s when I was a teenager. That may be because my dad had a new 8mm camera that he filmed all of us -- the girls lined up in front of the Christmas tree and the boys, too; there was plenty of film showing us eating and opening gifts.

I come from a family of 11 children, of which I am No. 11, so there was lots of noise along with small grandchildren by that time.

It may also be because there was a particularly funny bit of film we have watched over and over, over the years. Film shot of my mother showing a disgruntled funny face (I think it was because my dad shined the extra camera light right into her eyes at close range), however, it was the next bit of film shot after my dad had kissed my sister's 16-year-old foster child under the mistletoe two hours earlier!

My mother passed away just eight months after I graduated from high school, so it is nice to be able to look at my dad's films and remember all the good times.

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