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Detroit Lake officially iced over

Saturday was named as the official date for the ice-on of Detroit Lake. It is the fifth latest date for the lake to ice over. (Courtesy of Pelican River Watershed District)

The ice should be on most lakes in Becker County, including Detroit Lake.

Saturday was the official ice-on day this year for Detroit Lake. The late date makes it the fifth-latest date for Detroit Lake to ice up.

The latest ice-on date came in 1999, when Dec. 16 was the ice-on day. Other late ice-on dates include Dec. 13, 2004 (leap year); Dec. 13, 1939; Dec. 7, 1998; Dec, 7, 2001, Dec. 6, 1968 (leap year), Dec. 6, 1962; and Dec. 5, 1981.

Other December ice-on date came on Dec. 2, 1944 (leap year); Dec. 1, 1960; and Dec. 1 1963.

Official ice-on record keeping started in 1909. Ice-on dates have been observed in December 12 times since then, with five of those coming since 1998.

The average ice-on date for the past 12 years is Dec. 1. The average ice-on date from 1986-1997 was Nov. 18.

The 1960's also experienced late ice-on dates, with four in December, but the 1970s, '80s and '90s had significantly earlier dates, with an average of Nov. 21.