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Fish house break-ins hit Little Detroit Lake

A string of fish house break-ins during the course of last week's winter storm has the Becker County Sheriff reminding fisherman to take their valuables with them.

The break-ins were mainly reported Tuesday morning.

"It was between six and 10," Sheriff Tim Gordon said of how many break-ins were reported.

He said an underwater camera was reported missing, along with small items such as heaters and electronics.

With Monday's blizzard, Gordon said that's usually the best time for burglars to strike.

"You don't have a lot of fisherman out there with extra eyes," he said.

He said visibility was down to 100 yards, making it nearly impossible to see anything taking place from shore.

More break-ins could be reported this weekend, with fishermen coming back to their fish houses.

"We do think there will be more coming in," Gordon said.

While break-ins can't be prevented, Gordon said fisherman need to leave the houses unlocked and take their valuables with them.

Reports of fish house break-ins have been isolated thus far in the season. This is the first string of break-ins reported this season in the county.

Anyone with information on the break-ins can contact the Becker County Sheriff's Office at 847-2661.