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Detroit Country Club looks to add on to clubhouse

Faced with some equipment needs and some possible remodeling, the Detroit Country Club is borrowing money for facelift purposes.

"Out of the things we're doing, there's some equipment needs that we have immediately, and then we are re-siding the main club house on the Pine to Palm side. Those two things we have to do," board president Bob Bekkerus said.

Estimated improvements sent to the Detroit Lakes City Council for approval include permanent vinyl siding and deck furniture at the main clubhouse for $56,000; a Toro mower, aerator, blower and top dresser for $58,200; and building an addition to the existing Lakeview clubhouse to accommodate events, for $145,000.

"In the Lakeview project, we are looking at design and in the process of getting bids," Bekkerus said. "That isn't something that's rock solid. In fact, if the bids come in too high, we probably won't even do that part of it."

He said the board wanted to make a request to the council to "get their ducks in a row," and if the bids should be low enough, the board members would know it's OK to move forward with the project. If not, they'll make due with what they have.

"The Lakeview Clubhouse hasn't had a whole lot done to it since it was constructed," he said, which he estimated to be around 25 to 30 years ago.

The addition would be to accommodate larger groups and events.

The council approved a loan up to $300,000 for 10 years at a 5 percent fixed rate of interest.

2010 fee changes

Green fees and cart rental for the Pine to Palm Course will see no changes for the new season. One new charge has been added though -- twilight green fees including cart after 5 p.m. for $20.

Membership fees have increased, however. Husband and wife memberships have increased 5.1 percent, single fees have increased 6.8 percent, student age 19-22 increased 5.8 percent, and junior ages 12-18 increased 5.7 percent.

The Lakeview Course will also offer the new twilight round for $15. All membership fees have also increased -- family, 5.4 percent; husband and wife, 9.4 percent; single, 5.4 percent; student, 6.1 percent; junior, 3. 7 percent.

Combined membership for the two courses increased as well. Locker fees have increased 50 percent.

Driving range fees all stayed the same from 2009.

According to 2009 financial statements, the Detroit Country Club increased its profits from the prior year.

Revenue from the Pine to Palm Course was $193,810.

the Lakeview green fees brought in $101,724 and another $102,142 in full membership fees.

Another $51,485 came in for Lakeview course memberships only, and $155,660 for Pine to Palm only memberships. Driving range memberships generated $7,000.

Total revenue for the 2009 year was $827,205. Last year's expenditures totaled $455,142, with $478,916 budgeted for this year.

"We're looking forward to a great year in 2010," Bekkerus said. "Hopefully we'll have a nicer summer than last year."