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KDLM radio owner to also run KRCQ in Detroit Lakes

Leighton Broadcasting has entered an agreement to help run another radio station in Detroit Lakes, according to the St. Cloud Times newspaper.

The St. Cloud-based broadcasting company filed with the Federal Communications Commission a local marketing agreement with Lake Lida LLC, which owns KRCQ-FM in Detroit Lakes. The contract became official Tuesday.

Under the agreement, Leighton Broadcasting oversees sales and programming, while Lake Lida remains the license holder of KRCQ and has the final say on programming, said Bob Leighton, president of the local company that owns KCLD and other stations.

He said they are not planning layoffs or other staff changes, and they aren't planning to change what's on the radio.

"We're not going to change the programming, we're just combining sales forces," he told the St. Cloud Times.

Leighton said his company already owned two other radio stations, KBOT-FM and KDLM-AM.