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A baby bear named Polar Pete

On a Thursday in Alaska a mother polar bear had cubs. She had two baby cubs. One polar bear was very little, its name was Pete. The big one's name was Bobby-Jones. They grew pretty fast!

One day Pete saw a big, red and yellow boat. Pete smelled something stinky on the boat. So Pete went aboard and saw fish. The fish stunk so bad that Pete had to get off the boat. But then Pete heard a roaring noise, it was the boat. Then Pete started to move. Pete was frightened! After hours of moving the boat stopped! Pete got off.

There were a ton of people. Pete saw two signs; one said Polar Fest and one said Detroit Lakes. Just then everyone cheered, Pete thought they were cheering for him! But they were cheering for some runners. Pete started dancing for the runners.

Everyone saw Pete dancing, he was terrific! So they decided he would be a good mascot, because he could dance great. The fish that stunk on the boat, got dried out. So those are the sunfish by the grocery store and the hospital. Every year Polar Pete goes to a restaurant and lives in one of the big refrigerators. Every year Polar Pete comes out for the Polar Fest.