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Baby resale boutique opens in DL

A Detroit Lakes woman is turning her own personal hardships into what she hopes will be a thriving business.

Erin Redetzke began buying and collecting lots of baby things once she and her husband decided it was time to add onto their family.

Time passed without Redetzke getting pregnant, and after some medical troubleshooting, they were told they couldn't have children.

Redetzke was stuck not only with the heartbreaking news, but all the boughten reminders of what couldn't be.

"I had a whole closet full of stuff, so when we found out why we couldn't get pregnant, I wanted all the baby stuff out of my house. That's when I decided to turn a bad thing into a good thing."

That "good thing" is called "Embellish Resale Boutique".

The buy and sell baby/maternity store is now open and located in the Washington Square Mall.

The idea is to help make the first stages of parenthood a little more affordable.

Customers can drop off gently used items for cash on the spot.

"We go through them, we pick out what's still in good condition with no holes or stains or anything," said Redetzke.

Redetzke says she can't guarantee she'll buy everything a customer brings in, but will pay more for name brand items that are in good condition.

Another option for customers selling their items is store credit instead of money on the spot.

"And with store credit we go 10 percent over what we would offer for cash as an incentive to keep shopping, keep recycling and keep reusing."

Embellish buys and sells toys, books, movies, a few kid's CD's, blankets, bags, all baby gear, furniture, kids' clothes (sizes starting at preemie and going to size 8), and maternity clothes of all sizes.

"Pretty much the only things we don't take are car seats and breast pumps or feeding items," said Redetzke.

The new, young entrepreneur says she believes a store like this just makes sense because both maternity and children's clothes often stay like new because their owners so quickly outgrow them before they become warn.

"So I'll be going through a customer's stuff that they want to sell, and they'll already have an arm-full of clothes that are the next size up," said Redetzke.

Detroit Lakes does have thrift and consignment stores, but Redetzke says she likes providing people the resale option to get money for their things instead of just giving it away.

"And I also know there's not a lot of kids' clothing stores around here, and really there is nowhere in town for maternity stuff at all."

Redetzke says if somebody wants to sell bigger items, they can call ahead 5-10 minutes and they can have somebody meet them with a cart to help haul it in.

Embellish is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m, Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m.

There is no appointment necessary to bring items in to sell, but for more information call 218-844-5780.