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Sanford finishes last phase

the waiting area has been expanded and refurbished as part of the Sanford Clinic project.1 / 2
the pharmacy in all its remodeled glory stands ready to serve patients at the Sanford Clinic in Detroit Lakes. The expanded and renovated clinic is now finished after an extensive multi-phase construction project.2 / 2

The remodel and expansion project at Sanford Health in Detroit Lakes is now complete.

The last phase -- having the full-service pharmacy upstairs again, moving the behavioral health practice to the main clinic and finishing and opening up the corridors throughout the clinic -- completes the $15 million project to provide more services and accessibility for patients.

One of the biggest moves is bringing behavioral science, which was down the block from Sanford Clinic, into the main building.

"It's integrated care because they work so close with family physicians already," said Director of Clinic Operations Breanna Adams.

Now that they have a new home with more space and resources, the doctors at behavioral health are polling patients to see what services they want to see offered at Sanford.

"We'll have group therapy, which we haven't done before," said Brian Gatheridge, PhD LP.

They will also work with chronic illness, and because of their new location, it will be easier to work with patients and their physicians being just down the hallway.

Some people may come into the clinic with chronic headaches, and doctors can work together easier to determine if the cause is physical or whether anxiety or some other issue at the root of the headaches.

"It's a way to integrate behavioral health and health care" in a way that's more convenient for the patients, he said.

Juvenile diabetes, obesity, behavioral parenting and sleep hygiene are a few more areas the behavioral health department will be working with.

"We're impacting people's health through behavioral health," said Donald Preussler, PhD LP. "Skills, not pills."

These changes are being made nationally, not just at Sanford Health. Besides physically helping the patient, it helps with expenses as well, cutting back on doctor visits and prescription drugs.

"It's helping them take care of themselves," Gatheridge said.

"We're very glad for not only the new facility, but to facilitate health in general," Preussler said.

Detroit Lakes' Sanford Health Clinic construction of the 33,000-square-foot expansion and remodel of the existing 28,000-square-foot building was in response to patients' requests for more specialized medical services in Detroit Lakes.

The expansion included a surgery center with two operating suites and endoscopy suite, expanded imaging services and space including CT and Digital Mammography and expanded lab services and space.It also included expanded and relocated physical therapy and occupational therapy space and outdoor space for mobile medical units.

Adams said that after a year of construction and an even longer planning stage, it's nice to see the clinic up and running and the patient flow working as it was designed.