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DL Head Start students enjoy CLIMB Theatre Christmas play

Emily the shoemaker (Amanda Pintore) and The King (Victor Albaum) exclaim over a giggly "talking shoe" at Monday's 'The Shoemaker & the Elves" presentation at Mahube.1 / 2
THE KING (Victor Albaum)proclaims that if Emily (Amanda Pintore) can make 100 pairs of shoes in time for his party that evening, he will proclaim her as the Royal Shoemaker.2 / 2

Students in the Head Start and Great Start programs at Mahube Community Council in Detroit Lakes got a visit from St Paul's CLIMB Theatre on Monday.

CLIMB Theatre actors Victor Albaum and Amanda Pintore presented "The Elves & the Shoemaker" to approximately 300 students in Detroit Lakes, Frazee and Park Rapids during a two-day visit to the area.

During the 30-minute presentation, the students were introduced to Emily the Shoemaker (Pintore) and the King (Albaum).

The King asked Emily to make 50 pairs of shoes for his servants to wear -- by 6 a.m. the following day. If she failed in this task, the king told her, she would be thrown into the castle dungeon.

Emily tried to comply, but soon became weary, and fell asleep. As she was sleeping, an elf (also played by Albaum) solicited the help of the young audience members in cutting, sewing and hammering the shoes together.

When Emily awoke, she was amazed to find a pile of shoes stretching up almost all the way to the ceiling!

The king showed up to apologize for his harsh treatment of her the day before, only to find that Emily had finished the job on time, against all odds.

When he commended Emily on her work, she found herself bragging about how her "lightning fingers" could have completed twice as many shoes in half the time.

The king quickly took her up on her boast, saying he expected her to be able to complete 100 shoes for all of his party guests by 5:30 that afternoon.

If she was able to complete the shoes, he would make her his royal shoemaker. If she failed -- the dungeon awaited her.

Once again, Emily fell asleep while trying to complete her task -- but this time, when Emily awoke from her nap, she spotted the "elves" who had assisted her in her task.

Judging from the enthusiasm shown at a Monday afternoon presentation at Mahube, the show was a hit.

One of the children in the audience told the King they had made enough shoes to reach "all the way to the clouds!" as he looked up admiringly.

"The students have been great!" Albaum said after the show.

"Wonderful," Pintore agreed.

Vicki Gerdes

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