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Red Pine Quilt Shop new to downtown DL

Red Pine Quilt Shop will be run by Owner Joy Fetting (right) and "right-hand woman," Carmen Husbey (left). Photo by - Paula Quam1 / 3
The shop is located at 915B Washington Avenue in Detroit Lakes. Photo by - Paula Quam2 / 3
Quilting displays are set up around the shop to give quilters ideas on how to pull colors together. Photo by - Paula Quam3 / 3

The warm, cozy art of quilting is once again weaving its way through the fabric of Detroit Lakes residence as the Red Pine Quilt Shop opened its doors to the community on Friday.

"There are so many enthusiastic quilters in the area, and I think there was definitely a need in the area for something like this," said Owner Joy Fetting. "And for me to take my own love of quilting and turn it into a business while filling that need, it was just a great way to bring everything together."

"Red Pine" was the name of choice because Fetting already owns a business called "Red Pine Consulting" -- a technology-based consulting company.

"That's my left brain, this is my right brain," laughed Fetting, "but I just really enjoy the creative aspect of this."

She hopes other quilt-lovers will as well, as the store currently holds 1,000 of bolts (or rolls) of fabric, with more shipments coming in all the time.

Fetting expects to triple her inventory to about 3,000 bolts.

She says the fabric is all very good quality cotton fabrics that are what she called "color-fast."

"We'll have a good blend of modern, northwoods, civil war, primitives, flannels ... we should be a very broad shop by the time we're fully stocked," said Fetting, adding that the store also carries all the things needed to quilt, including patterns, kits, tools, books and high quality Aurifil thread.

The ladies have also stocked some wool fabric and intend to get yarn in.

This quaint little shop that pops with color is what Fetting and her "right hand woman" and store employee Carmen Husbey say is "like working in a candy store."

"I really do enjoy this," said Husbey, who worked at the Back Porch Quilt Shop and the World of Christmas, falling in love with the art of quilting.

"I started off by taking a class with Community Ed and I was hooked," she said, "My instructor told us this would take over your life, and it has ... I just love it."

Husbey and Fetting plan on sharing that love with others this fall when they begin teaching classes.

They say they'll have a variety of classes, from beginners to more youth-oriented to traditional quilting.

"Or maybe even for the more advanced quilter that wants to come in and learn a new technique like paper piecing," said Fetting. "We'll teach you how to use a specific kind of ruler or make tote bags and purses..."

In the next few weeks there will also be a gift section set up in the store with Scandinavian, Christmas and other seasonal items.

The quilt shop will also be sponsoring a quilting retreat this fall at Maplelag where quilters will be packing up their fabric for a woodsy getaway.

The ladies of the Red Pine say the art of quilting has had its ups and downs, but believe in the past 10 years, it's really taken off again.

"You know, back in the old days they quilted because they had to, and then they sewed clothes because they had to," said Fetting. "Then when all that became very commercialized, people stopped sewing. Now, quilting is really seeing a huge resurgence, not as utilitarian like we need a blanket, but more as an artistic expression."

Fetting says they see a lot of people coming in looking for fun, unique fabric to make all sorts of items, and although they only opened up a few days ago, they already know they picked a good location, which is downtown right along Washington Avenue.

"We're seeing a lot of foot traffic, people coming in here looking around, and so we're really excited about that," said Fetting.

Red Pine Quilt Shop is open 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays.

For more information, call 844-5260 or visit