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Fees go up again in DL

Fees are going up in Detroit Lakes.

The Detroit Lakes City Council approved raising liquor fees, rental fees, building permit fees and various other fees Tuesday evening.

On-sale liquor license fees have increased from $3,000 a year to $3,300, and on-sale 3-2 licenses have increased from $250 to $300 a year.

A few years ago, after not raising the fee for many years, the city council approved a major jump in the fee. Now, the council is reviewing the fees each year and giving them a smaller bump each year rather than larger ones every 10 years or so.

Holiday Inn Manager Jeff Jasperson asked, for budgeting purposes, if the council plans to continue to increase the fee each year. Alderman Bruce Imholte said that in his opinion only, businesses can plan on an inflation increase each year.

Mayor Matt Brenk agreed, saying that the purpose is to raise the fee a small amount each year instead of big jumps less frequently.

Other fee increases include fire coverage, street lights, impounding animals, transient merchants, Pavilion and other shelter rental fees, building fees and more.

Alderman Ron Zeman said the private dock fee was too much of an increase from $10 a few years ago to $500 now.

"It's quite a shock to go from $10 to $500," he said. "Those are pretty big jumps."

The council said the increases are to cover administration costs.

"It will put us in line with other cities our size," Imholte said regarding the building permits.

Also at the city council meeting, the council:

• Approved annexation of the north end of Long Lake. The west side of the lake is scheduled to be annexed in 2015.

• Set a special meeting for Dec. 4 at 6:01 p.m. for the purpose of discussing the 2013 budget and levy. The public is invited to comment at the meeting.

• Set another special meeting for Nov. 8 at noon to canvas the votes from the Nov. 6 general election.