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Creating best dressed dolls for kids in need

Julia Okeson, Kelly Johnson and Cara Frank hold a few of the dolls that will be distributed to children in need. Bell State Bank and Trust customers took the dolls home and dressed them in outfits they made or purchased. Photo by - Pippi Mayfield1 / 2
Stuffed animals and toy trucks were also decorated and dressed to be given out to children in need. Photo by - Pippi Mayfield2 / 2

For 22 years, Bell State Bank and Trust has been not only giving dolls and stuffed animals to children in need, but first customers help dress them in their finest outfits.

The bank provided 17 dolls and 16 stuffed animals this year, and customers who wanted to "check-out" the dolls could take them home and dress them and style their hair.

The goal is to do them up right for the kids who will ultimately receive them as gifts.

The dolls are all dressed in a different style, including one with all knit outfits, one in red, white and blue, one in her pajamas ready for bed and one with her sundress and hat for the beach.

There are also toy cars that people were able to take home and paint and decorate with stickers.

All branch offices of Bell State Bank and Trust are distributing dolls and stuffed animals, but each branch is responsible for choosing the entity they are distributed to.

"It's nice they leave it up to us to find the need in our community," Vice President/Branch Manager Cara Frank said.

This year, half of the dolls and animals will go to Mahube-Otwa and half to the Lakes Crisis and Resource Center.

Each year the charity changes.

The dolls will be given to Mahube and LCRC later this week so kids will have them in plenty of time for Christmas.

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