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New president named to Boys, Girls Club board

Board members for the 2013 boys and girls Club Board of Directors includes, front row, Sandy Gunderson and Tiffiny Walz; back from left, Mike Williams, Tom Schroeder and Ron Mueller. Photo by - Pippi Mayfield

The Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors has a new leader.

After three years on the board, Mike Williams is finished with his term and Tom Schroeder is stepping up as the new president.

"There has been incredible growth for the club," Williams said of his time on the board. "We serve the kids and public as best we can."

Another accomplishment while on the board is the growth of the thrift store. Williams said that it took several years before the store was able to make enough profit to contribute greatly to the club. It's important now because of the loss in grants and federal funding.

Lastly, the third main achievement while on the board, Williams said, is the groundwork has been set for solving space issues at the club. More to come on that in the future, he added.

The growth of the club is thanks to Executive Director Pat Petermann, the staff and the programs offered, he said.

"We're changing lives up there, not just serving meals."

Schroeder, who has been vice president for a year under Williams, said he has big shoes to fill with the work Williams has done while on the board.

"Keeping the ship afloat is my main objective," he said with a laugh.

"The kids have increased roughly five times," he said of the last few years. And with that, the programs continue to grow as well.

"If you have an interest in Detroit Lakes, you have an interest in these kids," he said.

Now that Williams has served his term and is leaving the board, he said he plans to "seek other adventures."

"I'd like to thank the board members who put in the time and talent," he added.

Other board members for the 2013 year include Ron Mueller, treasurer; Sandy Gunderson, secretary; and Tiffiny Walz, vice president.

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