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City hires liquor store manager

After narrowing down a large numbers of applications for the Detroit Lakes liquor store manager position to five, the city has made a decision and hired Jim Watland.

     “We had excellent candidates. Any one of the five would have been a good addition to the city,” City Administrator Bob Louiseau said.

     There were more than 50 applicants.

     After years with Evans Supermarket and Central Market, Louiseau said that Watland is familiar with business patterns and practices in Detroit Lakes. He said the city is lucky to have a “man of his caliber.”

     His starting date is April 1.

     Former manager Brad MacMaster resigned from his position in January.

     “Pam (Slifka, city financer) and Bob have done an excellent job keeping the liquor store open without a manager,” Alderman Ron Zeman said.

     Alderman G.L. Tucker said that building official Dave Neisen has also spent a lot of time helping out at the liquor store, stocking shelves.

     “A lot of people have pitched in and it’s appreciated,” Tucker said.

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