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Pet Care Systems sends aid to Oklahoma

Pet Care Systems donated 4,000 pounds of cat litter and 375 disposable boxes and scoops to the tornado victims in Oaklahoma. BRIAN BASHAM/RECORD

A Detroit Lakes company is helping out victims of a massive tornado that struck near Oklahoma City recently.

Pet Care Systems, makers of Swheat Scoop cat litter, on Friday donated 4,000 pounds of its lightly scented wheat-based cat litter to tornado victims in Oklahoma.

The company donated 80 25-pound bags, or two pallets worth of kitty litter, to Oklahoma Pet Relief.

“We’re donating basically two tons of litter, enough for 375 cats,” said Tom Moses of Pet Care Systems.

“I saw it on the news the other night and thought we could help a bit,” Moses said.

The Fargo TV station KVLY Channel 11 is sponsoring the pet relief drive.

“They (KVLY) diverted their truck to us,” Moses said, to pick up the kitty litter along with 375 disposable litter boxes and scoops.

“Their studio garage is full of pallets (of donated pet items),” Moses said. “They’re going to load that and then head down to Oklahoma.”

“We’re just glad we could do it,” he added. “We’re always looking for things we can do.”

Monday’s monster tornado was the deadliest to strike the United States in two years. About 240 people were injured.    

Two dozen people died in the storm, including nine children — seven who died at Plaza Towers Elementary School, which took a direct hit.

KVLY News Director Ike Walker said both he and Assistant News Director Robert Hahn are from Oklahoma and felt the impact of the tornado closely.

“It hit close to home, literally,” he said.

“There was a lot of outpouring of help for humans, but we got wind of an organization (the Bella Foundation) trying to help animals,” he said, and the idea to help came for the pet drive.

KVLY asked for help from the public and businesses and received enough donated food, pet supplies, beds, grooming supplies, carriers and other items to fill a 53-foot semi. Bins for donated items were set up at Petco and Home of Economy.

More than $5,000 in cash was also donated.

Paradis’ Trucking of Brooks, Minn. is hauling the trailer to Oklahoma for free. Hahn and photographer  Dillon Jacobson are traveling along and reporting en route.

“We certainly thank everybody who came out to help with this,” Walker said.