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'World's Largest' film to be shown at festival

The documentary "World's Largest," which features local attractions such as the Vergas Loon and Frazee Turkey, is having a screening at the Twin Cities Film Fest Sept. 29 and Oct. 2.

More information on the festival can be found at

"It should be exciting," Filmmaker Amy Elliott said. "This is the inaugural festival and has been highly anticipated."

"Obviously we think it's a great fit for World's Largest given about a third of the attractions we visit in the film are from Minnesota."  

Desperate for tourism, hundreds of small towns across the U.S.A. claim the "world's largest" something from 15-foot fiberglass strawberries to 40-foot concrete pheasants, she said.

"Odd, funny and sometimes beautiful, the statues stand as testaments to the uniqueness and importance - the largeness - that all people feel, and need to feel, about their communities and their own existence," she said.

"World's Largest," a feature documentary, visits 58 such sites across the country, including such Minnesota locales as Fergus Falls, Pelican Rapids, Deer River, Preston, Bemidji and Brainerd. By documenting these roadside attractions, "World's Largest" captures the changing landscape of small-town America.