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Rossman Club 147 students give to Becker Food Pantry

Members of the Rossman Elementary School Club 147 collected non-perishable foods to give to the Becker County Food Pantry instead of exchanging gifts among themselves this year.1 / 2
Amy Tervola-Hultberg's class carted their food donation across the street and up the block to the Food Pantry.2 / 2

Detroit Lakes kindergarten teacher Amy Tervola-Hultberg and her class (Club 147) had many great discussions of people less fortunate and hungry in this area.

It all began after they read the book "Fly Away Home" by Eve Bunting, a book about a boy and his dad who live at the airport. Discussion on ways the class could make a difference began. Students realized that not everyone has food and people in this area go to sleep at night hungry. Club 147 decided to make a difference.

The entire class voted not to exchange holiday gifts with each other in the class but instead to bring in food and money for the Becker County Food Pantry. It was also a great opportunity for the kids to count and keep track of the items.

The children were eager each day to see what had come in and to post the results outside the room. On the last day of school before the Christmas break, Club 147 packed up all the goodies that were donated and pulled them in wagons to the Food Pantry. These young children were thrilled to give rather than receive, commenting that "We do not want anyone to be hungry at Christmas!"

Much to their surprise, Santa had received their letter asking for help in stocking the shelves of the food shelf. Santa arrived with a bag of food for the food pantry and also a little something for each kid. It just proved to Club 147 that when one does do good for others, good does come back around.

Club 147 students include Austria, Carsen, Daniel, Daunte, Donnie, Dylan, Elise, Elijah, Ethan, Garrett, Halli, Hayden, Jake, Jaylen, Lauren, Maggie, Piper, Torri, Zechariah and Zack.