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Frazee students to make up three snow days, teachers will do four days

Frazee-Vergas School District students have lucked out.

Though they have missed four days this winter due to snow and extreme temperatures, they will only have to make up three.

Monday night the school board approved making up the snow days May 21-23. To fulfill contracts with Frazee Education Association at 176 days, teachers will have an in-service day May 27, the day after Memorial Day.

“To bring back (students) one day wouldn’t be academically beneficial,” Superintendent Terry Karger said of making students come to class that Tuesday after Memorial Day.

No more primaries

A few other changes from the Frazee-Vergas School Board Monday included revoking the resolution that established the Primary Election System several years ago.

The system was put into place multiple years ago when the district was drowning in controversy, causing a large increase in the number of people running for school board. That has since tapered off drastically, causing the district to revoke the primary election.

When the system was in place, if more than double the candidates filed than seats open, the district would have a primary election, limiting it to twice the number of open seats. That also caused candidates to have to file in May for the August primary.

With that system revoked, the district will go back to having open filing for the regular election July 29-Aug. 12.

New hirings

The board approved the hiring of several positions throughout the district.

“These are programs that have been lost (due to budget cuts) that we’re bringing back,” Karger said.

The positions the district will be looking to fill include a full-time high school counselor, a part-time physical education teacher and a part-time district truancy officer.

Capital outlay plans

“The wish list is always longer than the budget allows so some things didn’t make it,” Karger said of the projects budgeted for in 2014-15.

A few of the indoor equipment projects, which total $117,500, include replacing the main gym flooring, air compressor timer, hand dryers and air handler controls.

The main gym’s flooring, which has had issues in the past with its wax, is over 50 years old and needs replacing. Activities Director Nick Courneya said the new flooring will be 4-foot by 8-foot sheets rather than narrow individual pieces of wood.

The flooring will use an anchoring system and be installed over the top of the existing floor.

The gym’s existing floor has less than a 5 percent resiliency, and the new floor will have a resiliency of 60 percent, reducing athlete injuries.

“We are providing the strongest floor we can,” he said.

The floor will be replaced this summer.

Other costs to the outlay plan for next year includes a mower and outside lighting at the elementary school for a total of $1,400.

The second phase of the roofing project has been budgeted for, and risers and an electric piano for the elementary school will be included in the outlay plan.

Athletics includes uniforms, helmets, irrigation on the practice fields and more for about $23,300.

The biggest investment comes in the form of technology. Budgeting for $151,000, there will be software upgrades, new computers, and new iPads as part of the one-on-one initiative and more technology needs.

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