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Frazee school roof still in good shape

To settle their roofing concerns once and for all, Mike Herzog climbed up on the roofs of Frazee-Vergas Schools in the rain Monday to see if there are any issues that need immediate attention. And the answer is no.

Over the years, the district has had patchwork done on the elementary and high school buildings’ roofs, and with additions to the buildings, all of the ages vary. But, Herzog said, even the oldest portions of the roof have at least five good years yet. “They are performing extremely well,” he said of the roofs, adding that repairs are very minimal. “Overall, I think the roofs are in perfect shape.”

He said the district could see about $1,500-$2,000 in repairs for “pretty minimal work” but he said the older parts have 5-10 years left in them and the newer parts of the roof have another 30 years left.

Herzog said he’s happy to work with a proactive school board and is happy to check out the roof when needed — rain or shine. He suggested the board come up with a timeline of when it wants to replace the roofs, but those dates could always be pushed back as needed. “There’s nothing alarming up there,” he said of repairs.

Also at the Frazee School Board meeting Monday evening, IT Coordinator Gretchen Norby said the one-to-one technology initiative has been successful in its first year. “I would consider it a success at this point, but we have nothing to compare it to,” she said.

This year the ninth graders were given iPads, and school staff surveyed the kids at the start of the year and the end of the school year to determine helpfulness of the iPads.

Teacher Tavia Bach-mann said that, according to the survey results, the students felt better organized with the iPads, and the majority said they would like to use them again next year.

“There was a huge shift in demeanor after they started to find it as their comfort zone,” she said.

After trying out a year with a free version of the Schoology application, Nor-by recommended the school move forward with the technology initiative, getting more iPads for students and purchasing the yearly subscription to Schoology, which would come with more features than the free version.

“Overall, this is the right direction for us,” she said.

Also at the meeting, the school board approved:

  • Pairing with the City of Frazee on the 2014-15 house project. In the past, the school district’s construction trades class would build a house that the district would take bids on to sell. Private individuals would purchase the house and then move it to their own property. This year, though, the district is teaming with the city and OK Lumber in Frazee to build the house and have it placed on a city lot. The city will then be responsible for selling it. Superintendent Terry Karger said he liked the size of the project and partnering with the city so that the district doesn’t have to go out and find a buyer.
  • Long-time Detroit Lakes Community Education Sec-retary Kitti Kivi-Lex was hired as the new community education director in Frazee. Her 225-day contract is for $33,500.
  • Former Frazee wrestling coach Clay Nagel is returning to Frazee. The board approved hiring him as a part-time truancy officer and part-time physical education teacher. His contacts are for $23,000 and $26,923.50, respectively.
  • Beginning next month, the school board meetings will switch to the second Tuesday of each month at 7 a.m. This schedule will be for the three summer months and then return to the second Monday at 6 p.m.