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Bear shot in Frazee

FRAZEE - A black bear that wandered into downtown Frazee on Saturday was shot and killed by city police officers.

Frazee Police Chief Mike Lorsung said that the bear was initially seen on the 200 block of South Lake Street. From there, the bear moved into an alley behind the Frazee Restaurant, which is called the Baer Building, coincidently.

The bear's final trip was a lengthy one - about 60 miles.

"It was quite a distance," said DNR Area Wildlife Supervisor Rob Naplin.

Lorsung and Naplin said the DNR knew about the bear for about a week.

"It was tracked by DNR (Department of Natural Resources) near the Lake George area with a plastic jug on its head," Lorsung said.

But DNR officers weren't able to intercept it.

Lorsung added that the container was a large pretzel or cheese ball jug that was stuck on the bear's head until its death.

He also said that the decision to put the bear down was made by the DNR.

With a crowd gathered in Frazee because of Turkey Days, DNR officers were too far out to help immediately.

Naplin speculated that the bear made its way to Frazee for a couple of reasons. One is that the bear couldn't see very well out of the jug. Plus, it was engaged in a desperate search for food and water.

"It was probably under a lot of stress," Naplin said.