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Frazee-Vergas OKs 2% levy hike

The Frazee-Vergas School Board on Tuesday certified a preliminary levy of 2.4 million for the 2009-2010 school year.

The levy increase is 1.99 percent, for the maximum amount allowed under state law.

"We do this every year at this time," board chair Dana Laine said. "To finalize, we do that in December when we have more numbers."

By levying for the maximum amount, the district has the "flexibility" to change the levy once the numbers are in at the end of the year. The board can always reduce the levy if need be.

Diane Menz, who works in the business office at the school, said the "numbers will stay relatively close" to the estimated ones being used now, but enrollment numbers, state funding, among other things, could cause the biggest changes in the levy.

Another change that is possible is from the state funding of 90 percent during the school year and 10 percent distributed at the start of the new school year, to 80 percent during the school year and 20 percent the following school year.

"There's talk of 80-20 to help the state budget," she said.

In the past years, the board has certified the property tax levy for the maximum amount, and this year is no different. It would produce about $46,700 for the following school year.

After commenting that area schools are raising their levy much more than Frazee is, board member Dwight Cook said, "We're lucky this year we get to do a small one."