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Frazee sixth-graders to show off school forest next week

The Frazee-Vergas School District will show off its school forest next week, with the help of science teacher Heidi Graham, "6-5 Hive" science teacher", and her sixth-grade students.

Graham and her students will be giving educational tours of districts 240-acre school forest to Frazee-Vergas Elementary School's K-5 student and staff population next week.

The tradition of the sixth grade students studying animals of our area, creating presentations, and then presenting the information to the elementary students in the animals' native habitat has been long-standing.

The schedule for students attending the school forest presentations is as follows:

• Monday, Sept. 28th 12:30-3:00pm 4th grade and kindergarten

• Tuesday, Sept. 29th 12:30-3:00pm 1st and 3rd Grade

The "6~5 Hive" is the name associated with the fifth & sixth grade students of Frazee-Vergas Elementary. The 2009-2010 school year will be the second year of a departmentalized model of instruction for the fifth & sixth grade students & staff.

Last year, Frazee's fifth grade (now sixth graders) scored the fifth highest composite scores in Minnesota on the MCAII Science Exam. The "6~5 Hive" teachers include;

• Heidi Graham - fifth & sixth grade science

• Nancy Neiman - fifth & sixth grade math

• Nancy Jacobson - fifth & sixth grade technology

• Shawna Mann - fifth & sixth grade social studies

• Kari Barlund - sixth grade Reading/Language Arts

• Andy Mekalson - fifth grade Reading/Language Arts

• Natalie Wibe - fifth & sixth grade Academic Interventionist