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New Christmas Extravaganza event comes to Frazee Dec. 3

New this year, sisters Wendy Ketter and Crystal Anderson decided to organize a Christmas Extravaganza in Frazee. Not only can people shop at over 40 vendors, they can also know that money from the event is going to help a local teenager and his family.

"After (the accident), we've decided to donate to Myrel Schermerhorn," Ketter said.

Schermerhorn, a 17-year-old wrestling standout in Frazee, was critically injured last week when his vehicle flipped upside down and trapped him in a pond for about 20 minutes.

Ketter said she sells Avon and her sister sells Scentsy, so they "decided to just do it" by organizing the Dec. 3 event. While there are craft shows and there are vendor shows, this one is a combined event with everything from Watkins, Pampered Chef and Tupperware to Lighted liquor bottles, birch log decorations and Creative Quilting -- and much more.

"Most don't do crafts and vendors, and we wanted to do a mix," she said.

The Christmas Extravaganza is Saturday, Dec. 3, from 3 to 7 p.m. in the Frazee Event Center. There will be door prizes and a lunch counter.

After the rental fee for the facility is paid, Ketter said the remainder of the fees from vendors will go to the Schermerhorn family. There will also be a donation jar set up at the event.

Ketter said she and her sister wanted to have the show just in time for Christmas, and they also plan to have another combined show around Mother's Day in the spring. With their success, they will be annual events.