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Frazee board reinstates funding for multiple sports

The Frazee-Vergas School District approved reinstating funding for cross country, gymnastics and golf programs and paying for coaches for the junior and varsity programs.

After being discussed for the last couple months, the board was finally satisfied with the numbers of how many coaches per sport the district would fund.

Though there was no magical formula Activities Director Dave Trautman could provide for the board on where to get numbers from, he based it on past participation levels and coaches per sport.

Board member Ken Fett said the issue was certainly something the board would have to revisit each season because of the fluctuation in participants. He added that the board would have to trust the activities director and administration to determine how many coaches were needed each season. The cost is estimated to be about $8,000 more than what the district already pays.

Several years ago, funding to the sports were cut and coaches relied on booster clubs for funding and other costs needed.

Now the district agreed to pick up the funding for golf, gymnastics and cross country again. That cost is estimated at $7,300.

A third component to the activities budget was put on hold to be revisited at a later time. That was a four-year rotating uniform budget which would have been $10,000 a year.

Another budgeting item approved for the district is the 2013-14 preliminary district budget.

Based on a 910-student population, Business Manager Pam Pontius said that the district’s revenue for next school year is estimated at $10.7 million.

That revenue includes an increase in state funding, the referendum, the food service fund, the community service fund and the debt service fund.

The expenditures for the district are estimated at $10 million but does not include any steps or increases to staff because contracts are still in negotiation.

Also at the board meeting:

  • The board approved a resolution placing Lori Thorp, community education director, on unrequested leave of absence for 70 days for budgeting purposes. This will decrease her contract from 260 days to 190 days.
  • The July regular board meeting has been pushed back one week to July 16 at 7 a.m. in the high school media center.

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