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MnDOT launches its new ‘Get Connected’ website

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has launched a new “Get Connected” website to better show the links between transportation, the economy and Minnesotans’ quality of life.

The website was created in response to public feedback and provides answers to the most commonly asked financial questions the agency receives, such as: Where does the money for transportation come from? How is the money spent? What are MnDOT’s goals? What progress are you making toward these goals? and How are projects selected?

“Minnesotans have a right to know how their tax dollars are being invested and to be confident that MnDOT is spending public money effectively on transportation,” said Tracy Hatch, MnDOT deputy commissioner, chief financial officer and chief operating officer.

“We designed this website specifically to meet our customers’ expectations.”

The user-friendly site uses videos and other tools to answer commonly asked questions and highlight some of MnDOT’s most innovative projects.

The site also includes a “Transportation in the News” section with links to numerous news stories about MnDOT’s work, along with a sampling of related articles that focus on infrastructure improvement needs of other states.

To tour the “Get Connected” website, visit