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Filing closes, November races emerge for school board, city council seats

Filing has closed for open city and school board seats around the county, and while some will go through with no races, others are seeing challengers.

Here’s a look at who is running:

Detroit Lakes School Board:

With three school board seats open, two incumbents and two new names are on the ballot.

David Langworthy and Brenda Muckenhirn have filed to keep their seats, while Brett Bridgeman and Kyley Johnson have also put their names in.

The top three vote-getters secure seats on the board.

Frazee-Vergas School Board

Out of the four open school board seats here, six have filed for them.

Incumbents Matt Bauer and Ken Fett have filed, as have newcomers Thaddeus Helmers, Stacy Cruz, Deron Ovsak and Burl Buhr.

Other seats are being vacated by Richard Ziegler and James Nelson.

Lake Park-Audubon School Board

There were four seats open and four people have filed.

Incumbents Rich Veit and Vicky Grondahl have filed, while newcomers Sean Degerstrom and Dave O’Connell have also filed.

Waubun-Ogema-White Earth School Board

All four open seats here will remain filled by incumbents.

Christi Haverkamp, Jon Syverson, Mark Rothschadl and Stacy Bly all put their names back in and will run unopposed.

City of Detroit Lakes

There are a couple of races for city council positions here.

Incumbent Dave Aune has filed to keep his position in Ward 2; he is being challenged by Rick Johnson.

In Ward 3, Incumbent G.L. Tucker is being challenged by Jay Schurman.

Alderman at Large incumbents Madelyn Sukke and Al Brevik are running against Matt Boeke and Barb Schiller.

Dan Wenner is running unopposed in Ward 1.

City of Frazee

All incumbents are back in the game in Frazee, as well as one challenger.

Frazee Mayor Hank Ludtke is running unopposed, while city council incumbents Bonnie Julius and Ken Miosek have filed, as has John Dermody, who has previously spent time on the council.

City of Lake Park

There are two city council seats open in Lake Park and three filings.

Incumbents Dan Aune and Kim Holloway have filed to keep their seats, while Keith Zachariason has put his name in as challenger.

City of Audubon

There are no races in the city of Audubon. Mayor Brad Grant is running unopposed, as is city council incumbent Carol Bergerson and Tiffany Holm in the other seat, vacated by Gary Bakken.

City of Vergas

Vergas Mayor Dean Haarstick is running unopposed in Vergas, while only two people filed for the two open city council seats there — incumbent Keith Bunkowske and Duane Strand.

City of Ogema

Treasurer Frank Rousu will run unopposed for four more years in the city of Ogema.

Out of the three city council positions left open, four have filed.

Incumbent Mary Vaseka has filed to keep her two year seat, as has Susan Baker and Laure Zima.

For the four-year seat, only one filed — James Bassinger.

City of Ogema

All incumbents are back in at the city of Ogema.

Mayor Gretchen Stalboerger is running unopposed, as are city councilmen Charles Loreth and Cliff Byrngelson.