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Lake Park-Audubon Kindergarten Roundup is March 27

Lake Park-Audubon Kindergarten Roundup is scheduled for March 27. Parents will have the opportunity to meet and discuss their child's individual needs with all three LP-A kindergarten teachers.

The Lake Park-Audubon Kindergarten Roundup is scheduled for Thursday, March 27.

This is an important day for all parents of children that will be five years old by Sept. 1, 2014. Parents and children will have an opportunity to visit our kindergarten teachers and classrooms, and become acquainted with our school programs and practices prior to starting kindergarten next fall.

A great deal of information will be exchanged on roundup day. Parents will register their children, and individual information will be gathered about interests and abilities of the future LP-A students. Parents will have an opportunity to meet and discuss the individual needs of their children with all three of our LP-A kindergarten teachers: Joan Lunde, Laurie Mattson, and Rachael Johnson. Information about our kindergarten programs will be distributed, and questions can be answered specific to the curriculum and activities offered at our school.

Parents whose children attend kindergarten at LP-A are provided with the choice of either having their child attend all day every day classes or a three day Monday, Wednesday, Friday option. Both options are free for all children attending kindergarten, and free breakfast is provided for all children that attend our school.

Lake Park-Audubon kindergarten programs are among the best in the area.

LP-A kindergarten students receive instruction from specialists in music and physical education on a daily basis. Minnesota Reading Corps and Title I instructors are available each day to provide individualized instruction based on the specific needs of the students. Lake Park-Audubon classroom kindergarten teachers are all highly qualified in their teaching area, and they employ the most effective instructional techniques tailored to the individual needs of each child. Our Response to Intervention program provides for short test probes to monitor progress on a consistent basis and provide instruction tailored to student needs. The

Lake Park Audubon teachers and administration believe in providing a kindergarten environment filled with developmentally appropriate, exciting, and fun activities in order to provide for the learning of essential academic and social skills.

We ask that all parents interested in having their child attend kindergarten at LP-A next year mark their calendars for the March 27 Kindergarten Roundup. Please call the elementary office: 218-439-3301 if you have questions or desire further information.