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LP-A’s Hogie steps down from FCCLA

Lake Park-Audubon FACS teacher Cheryl Hogie will step down from her duties as advisor for the Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) program on Aug. 4. During her 14 years with the program its membership has grown from a dozen students to more than 50. DL NEWSPAPERS/Vicki Gerdes

Ever since she came to Lake Park-Audubon Schools 14 years ago, as a family and consumer science (FACS) teacher, Cheryl Hogie has also been the advisor for the district’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) program.

But as of this coming Monday, she will be stepping down from that role to focus more on her teaching duties.

“I always knew that when our daughter (Breann) graduated from high school I wanted to shift my time and energy into different arenas,” Hogie said.

Breann was very involved with the FCCLA program, serving as an officer at both the state and regional level, so her mother wanted to give her every opportunity to experience all that the organization had to offer.

But now that Breann is in college (majoring in dietetics at NDSU), and her older brother Braeden is starting his career as a teacher at the Blue Earth school district this fall, Hogie said she’s eager to explore a new path.

“There are times in your life where there are nice ‘transition breaks,’” Hogie said.

“You can put your time and energy into the classroom, and into an extracurricular activity, but you can’t do the best at both,” she explained, adding that she felt now was the time to shift her focus more toward the classroom, and serving as the senior class advisor.

“I hope to put more energy back into my curriculum,” she said. “I think K-12 technology is at a critical juncture.”

While parents, students and the community are pushing for bringing the latest technology into the classroom, Hogie feels it’s important to make sure the technology is integrated into the curriculum.

“How do we make that technology viable and applicable in the classroom?” she said.

While she has loved working with the students in the FCCLA program on their various STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) projects, “it’s very time intensive,” Hogie said.

Unlike most extracurricular activities, like sports and theater programs, there is no real “off” season for FCCLA.

“It’s year-round,” Hogie said.

In fact, she and her husband, Dale (who is also the district superintendent) recently returned from spending a week in San Antonio, Texas, chaperoning a group of 16 Lake Park-Audubon students who were competing in STAR events at the national FCCLA convention.

During the convention, which ran from July 6-10, the local students earned five gold medals and two silver.

Under Hogie’s leadership, the LP-A chapter of FCCLA has grown from having about a dozen students during her first year, to averaging between 50-60 students in the last eight years.

“This past year we had 54 kids,” Hogie said.

She is particularly proud of the fact that the LP-A chapter of FCCLA currently holds the record for having the most students from any one chapter competing in STAR events at the national level, in the same year.

That year was 2012, when a total of 32 out of the 114 or so kids from Minnesota who went to compete at the national FCCLA convention were from the LP-A chapter.

“Almost a third of the students from Minnesota that were going (to the national convention) that year were from LP-A,” Hogie said.

“We’ve had a lot of success,” she added.

And she admits that she’s going to miss the constant stream of students coming through her classroom door with ideas for new STAR projects, or making their current projects better.

“It’s been a revolving door of students coming in and out, and I do enjoy that,” she said. “I will miss how excited they get when they have success. I’m sure it’s going to be much more quiet, and initially that’s going to be a big transition.”

But she feels now is the time for it to happen.

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