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Roseau County men sentenced for shooting bear out of season

Two Roseau County men each have been ordered to pay $485 in fines and court costs after being convicted for taking and possessing a black bear out of season.

Adam Solberg, 24, Salol, Minn., and Thor Vettleson, 25, Wannaska, Minn., also received 91-day jail sentences that were stayed for two years on the condition they commit no similar violations in that time.

Charges of using artificial lights to spot, locate or take wild animals and transporting illegal big game were dismissed against both. The court dismissed an additional charge of taking a bear without a license against Vettleson. Both men were placed on two years of unsupervised probation.

Solberg and Vettleson were cited after a Roseau County sheriff's deputy responding to a citizen complaint of shots being fired stopped them on a county road early the morning of Aug. 25. According to court records, the two men told the deputy they had shot and killed a bear that was destroying a beehive box.

Vettleson later told a Department of Natural Resources conservation officer he had shot the bear for Solberg, who had a broken collarbone and worked for a beekeeper. The DNR seized a portion of the bear meat.

Taking and possessing big game out of season is a gross misdemeanor.